Micah and Linken PrescottMicah Dantice is a decorated career naval officer who has broad and deep experience in adult education and workplace training models both inside and outside the military. He started his career in the military enlisted working as a Hospital Corpsman and later attaining his commission as a Surface Warfare Officer. Micah earned a Bachelor of Arts from University of San Diego in Communication Studies, completed several graduate courses in Public Health and trained in bodywork/massage from International Professional School of Bodywork in Pacific Beach, Ca. Micah was certified and worked professionally in college as a CPR, First Aid as well as Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Sailing Instructor. Micah’s military career spans over twenty years serving overseas, on the East and West Coasts and deployed aboard ships. In 2015 Micah left active duty and joined the Navy Reserve where he currently serves as a company officer for an Amphibious Construction Battalion.

In 2013 Micah participated in his first Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) workshop hosted by the U.S. Navy in Singapore. The ASIST workshops was a transformative experience where he learned the tools and framework to safely and effectively help people at risk for suicide. Micah utilized his training for the first time one day after completing the training assisting a person at risk while he and his wife were taking a bus home on a Friday evening. Micah also learned how useful this training is with friends and family who have recurring thoughts of suicide that allows the ASIST responder to connect with a person at risk and help steer thoughts away from suicide and to a place of safety and towards life. Feeling empowered and hopeful Micah requested to participate in the ASIST Facilitator Training in order to teach ASIST to others and build more suicide safe communities.

In 2014 Micah met Hillary Cummings and her organization Education Outside the Box (EOTB) and they started collaborating on ways to bring ASIST to the many people in Central Arizona who need this important skillset in their lives. During this period of early collaboration Micah also gained admission to the Arizona State University’s School of Social Work pursing a Masters of Social Work with an emphasis on Mental/Behavioral Health. The skills and networking resources Micah picked up in his Social Work curriculum helped to set the stage for the next phase of his work with Hillary and EOTB.

Micah and Benjaporn PhotoMicah recently initiated the Community Life Connections Project for EOTB as an outreach project to recruit friends and family members of vulnerable populations to become ASIST trained first responders to support loved ones who are at risk for suicide. Micah is happy to be a part of EOTB and its mission to share the knowledge that empowers both regular folks and professionals in the skills and framework to connect with people at risk for suicide and extend a lifesaving hand of support and compassion.

Micah is married to Benjaporn Juikong from Ayutthaya, Thailand. They share their home with Micah’s mother Marylin, sister Trinity and nephew Linken. Micah enjoys hiking, running, bicycling and crossfit to keep his body and mind sharp. He is an active member of the Green Party and works on expanding political participation and working on policies related to health care, foreign relations, ecology and economic policy.