Hilary Cummings provides workshops and trainings on serious subjects that are engaging, insightful, informative, and most importantly, effective.  Hilary’s team building workshops are energetic, fun, and successful!  She has been an integral part of many of SIENA’s conferences and programs. ~Nadine Groenig, Executive Director, SIENA  

Hilary represents the model professional in her ethics, compassion and drive.  She is passionate about the message she teaches and dedicated to making a difference. ~Georgianna Anderson

ASIST Testimonials

“This was a great training for me to attend. I gained a wealth of knowledge as well as experience of how to assess and deal with the issue of suicide. I am hoping to attend more of the ASIST trainings and establish a network with this program for my community.”

“This needs to be brought to everyone’s attention.”

“This trainings is extremely essential to my personal (and career) life as I work with lots of people from many backgrounds daily. I am thankful that this training and the trainer was very well organized and informative. Thank you!”

“The role playing really helped me feel confident about my skills, instructors provide very constructive comments and encouraged me to get over my self conscious feelings.”

“Training has been an “eye opener” to help…someone has to help/care for others.”

“Great job. Good work. I have learned a lot and feel confident to save a life.”

“The ASIST model is clear and is an easy and quick protocol for anyone to follow. The clear outlined steps gives me more confidence to use the model in a practical setting.”